Grow your own food with square foot gardening

Storing ‘beans, bandages & bullets’ is a common saying amongst people into emergency preparedness. Lots of people focus on stashing away food, medical supplies and firearms. One easy preparedness activity that’s often overlooked is growing your own food. This is vital for long-term sustainability and has the advantage that you can enjoy the healthy yields even when everything is normal.

Square foot gardening is a way of growing vegetables in an urban garden. You don’t need lots of space so it’s a great method for people who live in condos, townhouses and smaller subdivisions. makes things easier by offering a tool that calculates what vegetables are best to plant, based on organic companion planting and crop rotation.

I’m not sure how well it works in the tropical climate of Manila but at the very least it will give you ideas for your own crops and how to get started with square foot gardening. screenshot

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